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Young Professionals-Maximize Your Current Situation

Many twentysomethings have had the privilege of quickly finding a new job if they feel their current job isn’t offering them what they desire. Now that a recession is looming, many may be asking themselves, How can I stay in this job? My chance to exit my unfulfilling job is a ticking time bomb. Can I stay? Should I go? This is the dilemma the many young executives are struggling with. They have been in their current job for a few years or less. They have always believed they could find another opportunity with upward mobility — better pay, better title, better benefits. Is that gravy train near the end?

Increasingly, the more common question is, How do I stay where I am and search for an opportunity within my current employer? As Coaches, we know the job market has traditionally been in the favor of new opportunities and new jobs. The current market situation and impending recession, however, may make changing companies less of an option. Staying in your job or company can actually provide a whole host of unique opportunities including; job stability, an increased chance of job application success within the company, and increased chances to network and foster relationships with professional contacts who have already seen evidence of your merit.

At IMI Group we will work with you to make the most of your current job. We will help you identify and evaluate your professional values and goals and effectively communicate them to managers; strategically develop new skills that can both elevate your current position and translate to a different role; and create a concrete plan to advance your position and career.

We may be entering an uncertain time for the job market, but utilizing our tools for professional development will aid in maximizing your potential in your current role or company, as well as designing a clear career path that directly aligns with your professional goals and ambitions.

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