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Young Professionals - Are you where you want to be??

Assessing your situation

COVID turned many young professionals' work lives upside down. What you thought “work” and a “career” was going to be, suddenly and without notice did a 180. For some, working from home and the flexibility it gave them was welcome. For others, it was lonely and they missed the work connections they had made. Each person had a different and personal experience. One thing that has come out of the pandemic is many young professionals reassessing their situations and determining if they are headed in the correct direction and asking themselves Is this career path what they wanted or what they expected?

If you find yourself with this feeling of being unsettled and unfulfilled, your values may be out of alignment with your current situation. Examining your values is a great way to assess where you are in your career and make any changes you need to create alignment and greater fulfillment.

As coaches, we guide our clients through exercises and conversations where together we uncover their values and assess their current career path. Here is a brief and shortened outline of questions our clients consider and steps they take:

  1. What are my values?

  2. How are my values aligned with my current job/career path?

  3. Where is the gap?

  4. What can I do to achieve alignment?

    1. Set 3 Goals

    2. Select 1 goal to start with

      1. What steps can I take to achieve my chosen goal?

      2. Chose one step to take today

Sometimes clients will take the information they uncover and move to a new position or even a new career. Oftentimes clients will recognize that they can achieve their goals by maximizing their current situation. In order to make the changes you desire, you just need to be honest with yourself, self reflect and answer the hard questions to determine your path forward.

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