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About IMI Group

We started this business to help women like ourselves make that first step to pursue their career dreams, be it a new career or seeking new opportunities for advancement within your chosen career. 


Having taken time off from our careers to balance motherhood and family, we understand the pressures on women - balancing work, home, and social life; trying to have it all. 

Let us help you improve leadership skills, explore a transition, embark upon a new chapter in your life, or any other area you wish to explore, allowing you to be true to your authentic self.  


Robin Schoeps Lewis


Jill Golden Tarnow


What Our Clients Say...

“ Robin’s sessions gave me a greater perspective on my career goals as a whole. She enabled me to think more broadly about not only what I wanted to accomplish, but what motivated and drove me.  Robin helped me identify what values were most important to me and come up with a plan to help find new meaning in the work I do.” 

A.K. - Executive Director


If you have questions feel free to email us, but you can also check our FAQ page.

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