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Need Some Motivation??

Inspire Motivate Instill

What does it mean to motivate someone? According to the Oxford Languages definition, motivate means “to stimulate (someone’s) interest in or enthusiasm for doing something.”

At this juncture in time and with so much change around us, many people are lacking in motivation. The pandemic caused schools to suddenly go virtual, jobs to disappear, and a complete change in how many people lived and worked. When there is a sudden change in one’s situation it becomes hard to be motivated to adapt to that change and move forward. There is a lot of unknown and the new situation may feel uncomfortable. This is where a coach comes in.

There are two primary forms of motivation - internal and external. External motivation is when an outside force is causing the motivation. For example, if you complete this project on time, you will receive a bonus. External motivators are short term. They do not result in actual changes to behavior or achieve true, lasting results. In order to actually make the changes you want and achieve your goals, you need to find internal motivation combined with external. According to motivational science, “if we want to be successful in motivating our own or other people’s behavior, high internal motives should be matched with high external motivations.” (Souders, Beata And this is where IMI Group can help!

Internal motivation is lasting and comes from within. When this motivation is tapped, the individual is endowed with the drive and direction needed to engage with the environment in an adaptive, open ended, and problem-solving sort of way. IMI Group coaches inspire self-motivation, by getting to know you and getting to know what makes you passionate and committed. We will guide you to finding motivation that is energized and leads to persistent goal-directed behavior. At IMI Group, we build relationships with our clients based on trust and support. Through assessments, asking the tough questions, and helping you reflect, our coaches help you to uncover your internal motivation. We help you to discover what is inspiring this desire for change and utilize that inspiration for motivation.

As restrictions start to lift, we are here to assist you in finding your motivation to get back out there and accomplish your goals. Things look different now, but adapting to change is important. Set goals for yourself and let a coach help you find your motivation.

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