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Where did my day go??

Time Management. What exactly does that mean? Is it making use of every last minute of the day? Is it scheduling your time and following that schedule to a tee? Did you get to everything that was important or were you distracted by things that had to be addressed right now? How does it feel when you don’t accomplish what you need? Good time management actually means something different to each individual. It just depends on what your priorities are – what is important to you and how urgent you perceive certain tasks to be. Good time management is subjective.

Enter our time management workshop, specifically designed for you to determine how you are spending your time -- what is urgent to you, what is important, what is trivial, and what are your hijackers, those things that prevent you from sticking to a task and completing it. In a group setting, we have each individual break down their day utilizing the Eisenhower Time Management Matrix. Then in small groups, facilitated by one of our coaches, everyone examines where they are spending their time, is it working for them, what hijackers are becoming clear. Discoveries are made and brainstorming of ideas occurs. Group members discover similarities and differences amongst them and help each other to come up with individual ideas on how to achieve better balance. The goal is to come away with at a minimum, one first step. No one solves time management dilemmas at once. However, by emphasizing realistic and achievable first steps, you can begin on a path to a more stress free and realistic way to manage your time.

Join us for our evening version of our workshop being held on February 9th at 7-8:30pm and take your first step in reducing stress and taking control of your time.

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