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Mountains in Clouds


you to embark upon your journey of growth and change

Are you at a crossroads in your life? How can transitional coaching help you?

Embark upon a journey of self-reflection and discovery.  Through prompted conversation clients unlock the power within themselves to bring about and embrace changes that lead to greater fulfillment and success. 


Through one on one coaching engagements, small group coaching or larger workshops, we guide our clients to

  • Discover their values, strengths and skills

  • Uncover what excites them

  • Harness their strengths to maximize their potential

  • Clarify their vision, values and next steps

  • Take action: put pencil to paper


Through one-on-one coaching, small group coaching or larger workshops, we partner with you as you embark upon an introspective journey revealing strengths, weaknesses, desires, and aspirations.  We will challenge you to leave your comfort zone, delve into what is holding you back and explore new opportunities through the use of various tools. Together we will co-create a plan to empower you to achieve your vision, in a fulfilling and “true to self” manner; all within a safe environment allowing for honest conversations giving you the freedom to make the changes necessary to meet your end goal. 

One-On-One Coaching

A One-on-One Coaching engagement allows the client and coach to form a personal connection. Through guided conversation and the use of various tools, you will create simple, achievable steps to reach your career goals.  Your coach will be there to provide support and hold you accountable, allowing you to find success. 

  • Empty Nest

  • Divorce

  • Sandwich Generation

  • Life Changes

  • Career Re-entry

  • Next Career

  • Changing Careers or Jobs

  • Changing Jobs

  • Management Skills

  • Finding Your Happiness

  • Adjusting Your Path

Coaching Transitions

Our Coaching Workshops


In a group setting we help you to take the first step in your journey.  Sample topics include:

  • Work-life Balance

  • Building your Network

  • Identifying & Enhancing your Skill Set
  • Building your Story


Learn from and get inspiration from others.  

Blurred skyscrapers

We work  with groups of young professionals to maximize high potential employees.  Sample topics include:


  • Communicating with Impact

  • Relationship Building

  • Enhancing Executive Presence

  • Developing Management Skills


What Our Clients Say...

“ Robin’s sessions gave me a greater perspective on my career goals as a whole. She enabled me to think more broadly about not only what I wanted to accomplish, but what motivated and drove me.  Robin helped me identify what values were most important to me and come up with a plan to help find new meaning in the work I do.” 

A.K. - Executive Director


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